Shepherd People


The Shepherd People is the collective name for the many nomadic tribes that live in the lands east of Ba’qet.

Legend holds that at one time these lands were fertile and ripe. Great cities were built and powerful nations born. Under the eyes of vengeful gods the people of these nations waged war on one another. Their cities burned, their people decimated, and the lands became cursed. Those still left alive were destined to wander eternally, cutting a meager existence from the barren wastes.

Today, the Shepherd people are migratory hunter gatherers. True to their name they keep great herds of goats. Sometimes they take refuge in the ancient ruins scattered across the landscapes, forming small settlements. However, farming in the dry wastes is nearly impossible. They have become skilled horsemen, riding long distances on the small tireless breed that hails from this region. Their mounted archery skills are also impressive.

It is said in ancient days large invasions would sweep through the eastern half of Ba’qet. Mounted warriors would pillage and burn settlements throughout The Stones. At first the Ba’qetans responded by fortifying their settlements. High walls, spiked moats, and other simple defensive features can still be observed around settlements in these areas. Although these efforts undoubtedly saved many lives, they did not stop the attacks.

When the attacks continued the Pharaohs led a third of the Ba’qetan army into the The Shepherd People’s lands. There they rooted out their settlements, burning them to the ground and enslaving their women and children. The Shepherd People were nearly eradicated and since that time, no major attacks have occurred.

Today The Shepherd People are rarely sighted. Occasionally a trade caravans passing through the lands disappears or small bands of horsemen are seen along the border, but Ba’qetans no longer fear the lands to the east. The Shepherd People seem content to keep their conflicts within their own borders, tribes battling tribes, with little concern for the outside world.

The Shepherd People are isolationist and free spirited. They practice a blend of ancient religions, worshiping the natural world and honoring the spirits of the dead. They have a strong oral tradition through song and are accomplished musicians. The Shepherd People often use great eagles to hunt. These animals are indigenous to the area, making their eyries in the crumbling spires and ruined towers of forgotten civilizations.

It is said that strange beasts and ancient gods dwell among the old ruins in The Shepherd People’s lands. That perhaps if one were clever and lucky they could find ancient treasures or lost secrets buried there. However, there is little evidence to substantiate these myths.

Shepherd People

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