The Ba'qetan

The Ba’qetan are a many and varied people. While the majority of Ba’qetans have native ancestry, almost half of those have foreign ancestors as well.

Native Ba’qetans range in skin color from tan to dark brown with black, brown, or green eyes. As a whole they have black hair. They are of average height, standing around 5’8". Their most distinctive feature are their eyes which are almond shaped.

Many Ba’qetans have Nubian ancestry. They have skin ranging in tone from dark brown to dark black. Their eyes are typically black or brown and more round. Their most distinctive features are their wiry hair and their height (typically around 6’).

Small minorities of Ba’qetans show blood from other lands: the more yellow skin and narrow eyes of The Shepherd Kings; the olive skin, round eyes, and increased height of The Ur; the dark skin and heavy facial features of the Ourian tribes; the angular features and deep set eyes of Deep Desert Tribesman; or the light skin and hair, and blue eyes of The Pheryllt.

Ba’qetan culture revolves around their religion. Before The Ur Invasion Ba’qet was a theocracy, overseen by Pharaohs who were almost gods themselves. The last Pharaoh was in Lower Ba’qet during The Weighing and as such the line has been broken.

Despite The Ur’s laws outlawing worship of the traditional gods, Religion remains a major part of Ba’qetan life. Ba’qetans still keep small shrines and pray to the many deities daily. No longer though, do they volunteer time at the temples or work to construct the pharaohs monuments.

The Ba'qetan

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