The Pheryllt


The Pheryllt are a mysterious seafaring people, known only to the Baqetans along The Northern Coast. The Pheryllt hold the secrets of the water and the winds, allowing their massive ships to bring huge quantities of foreign trade goods to Memphis.

Where Ba’qetan Trireme’s dare not risk the powerful open seas beyond the coast, the Pheryllt’s boats seem to be able to travel unhindered. Certainly the unique design of their ships has something to do with it, using rounder hulls and triangular sails. The Pheryllt keep the secrets of their trade, never straying far from the shores and keeping outsiders away from their vessels.

Despite their secrecy the Pheryllt seem mostly to be a peaceful people. Throughout all of Ba’qet’s history there is no record of war or conflict with these strange sailors. Still, they often carry short swords crafted in a wide variety of styles.

It is said The Pheryllt developed the manual trade language that is used throughout the many nations where verbal communication is not possible. The Pheryllt are said to worship spirits of the wind and sky and a dark goddess of the ocean.

The Pheryllt

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