The Ur


The Ur hail from lands beyond The Shepherd Kingdoms and across The North Sea. They are a people of order and tradition, members of a powerful and expansive empire. The Immortal Sorcerous Emperor Ur-Umshayad is said to have ruled for over 300 years. In ancient times they were warring city states, but the Emperor united them. Since then they have led a bloody history of conquest.

Historically Ba’qet has had many antagonistic encounters with The Ur, but always repelled them. The Ur Succession, as it has come to be called, was the largest invasion of Ba’qetan territory and came upon the heels of The Weighing. With Lower Ba’qet lost the Ba’qetan military was cut in half and the Upper cities were left without centralized leadership. Ba’qet fell easily before the might and disciplined of the Ur armies.

Ur society revolves around a carefully controlled cast system. The foundation is built on slavery, a practice widespread among Ur. Slaves are typically foreigners captured in wars or taken from distant lands occupied by the Ur dominion.

The fourth tier are the laborers: non-landowning farmers, untrained guards, and unskilled free workers.

The third tier contains trade laborers, basic soldiers, landowners, lesser bureaucrats and common merchants.

The Second tier contains the most wealthy merchants, elite soldiers and their officers, trade guild leaders, the priesthood, and the highest echelons of Ur Bureaucracy.

The emperor rules above all.

Ur of the second tier employ masks to denote status, after the fashion of the Emperor and the Ur Priests. Some formal occasions require that 3rd tier members have masks on hand and all military members incorporate masks in their helmets. Among members of the second tier there is great diversity in masks. Certain similarities can be found differentiating wearers by their occupation and family, but mostly the masks function as a representation of wealth and status. The only truly formalized masks are those of the priests and the elite military members. These masks are always consistent. Lesser military members and guards wear masks specific to their squads and ranks, with minor individual variations.

Ur Priests are not priests in the traditional sense, but rather the Emperor’s personal law enforcement. Ur priests wear armor wrought of black stone and expressionless metal masks. In their armor they stand around 8 feet tall. They do not speak, eat, or sleep and are believed to be undying like the Emperor. Ur Priests have demonstrated the ability to sense evil deeds and unerringly track criminals. Ur Priests are often found stationed around major cosmopolitan areas, but also serve in the Ur military, holding crucial positions in formations. Ur Priests are enigmatic and do not respond to all crime. They will dispense judgement on any crimes they are witness to, but despite their ability to seemingly seek out evil, they typically do not exact justice for most crime within the cities they are stationed in. Local enforcement is still essential to uphold the peace. That said, any area in the close vicinity of an Ur Priest is reliably crime free.

The Ur

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